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Event Production & Set-UP (Set-up, Design, Management, Rentals)


Make your event complete by including musical entertainment or background music to enhance the mood of your special occasion!

Entertainment Services (ES) provides audio solutions for small private band set-ups to larger events involving multiple bands featuring products from best-in-class manufacturers. Our audio equipment line includes top brands like JBL, Mackie, QSC, EV, and Shure.  For a turn-key solution, our pro audio equipment offerings are vast enough to meet your unique needs. We provide Sound for bands, Presentations, background Music, DJ’s, Banquets, and shows.  We will deliver set-up, Run the system, and strike at end of your event.

Within each audio equipment category, we provide options that allow for customization. This includes the ability to select between wired and wireless solutions, push-to-talk and conference-style microphones, powered and passive speakers, etc. In addition to standard audio equipment solutions, we also provide all the accessories you might require.

Our offerings include an expansive selection of audio equipment such as microphones, speakers, production communication equipment, mixers, equalizers and amplifiers, audio snakes, power distribution, cabling, Stage Management, and more.   If you are unsure of the audio equipment solution you may need, you can call us now and we will be happy to assist you. 661 251 6468

We feature: JBL, QSC, Electro-Voice (EV), PAS, Crown, Yamaha, Behringer, Allen & Health Shure,  Sennheiser, Mogami, Audio-American DJ Source Four ETC, Chauvet, Blizzard, Epson, BenQ, Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Da-Lite Elation,  Furman Global Truss,  Martin, Sanyo.

The staff of Entertainment Services have been in the entertainment business for over 20 years working with  various  groups, Grammy Winning artists, 5 star Venues producing the best product  possible. We are reliable, courteous professional who aim to meet the expectations of each event.    Our goal is to provide the best event possible while you enjoy your special moment all at a reasonable  price.  By remaining committed, responsive, and flexible, to keep you on time and within budget.

We are your one stop shop for  large or small events, parties, meeting, Weddings, sporting events, Award shows. We offer a full range of  service from a complete event production, delivery, set-up, and Operation  to simple rentals and everything in between.

No matter the size of your event, parties, family get together, meeting, or reunion, Etc… we deliver the best at a competitive price. We thrive on the opportunity for us to make your event successful and enjoyable for you and your guest so give us a call for your upcoming event. 

Event Planning:

With our years of experience we can help you layout and plan the perfect event. Helping to determine location, activities, and Vendor selection/services we leverage our experience and knowledge to make your event a success. Identifying key tasks/milestones, and providing vendor management we ensure your event stays on track and within budget. We can also provide many of the needed services needed which will minimize coordination and miscommunication issues. Please call to allow you to experience the best event possible.


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