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Special Event Lighting

We specialize in making your event memorable by creating a lighting effect that enhances the mood you are trying to achieve with your special occasion


Entertainment Service’s (ES) our lighting designers create magic from our growing inventory of event lighting fixtures, LED’s, and conventional stage lighting. From ambient lighting to special effects, up-lighting, ES can design dramatic displays that accent rooms, objects(art, cars, homes, trees, pictures, performers, etc.), and custom staging sets that perfectly complement our full-service event production services. We carry Par, LED, Pin Spots, Laser Animation, Laser patterns, Lekos, Moving head, Moving Mirror, UV, and more. Our work transforms environments in an array of industries including retail display lighting, entertainment, exhibit, hospitality, personal fun,  Sporting, and casino gaming lighting.

Along with great service, we offer our services at competitive and affordable prices. We offer a wide array of services, but listed below are the most popular types of lighting services.

Please feel free to browse around, and let us know if you have any questions, we will be glad to assist further! 661 251-6468


Entertainment Services provides Up-Lights for walls, pillars, niches for inside as well as outside applications on trees, fences, buildings, structures, artwork, etc. This great lighting effect can provide a nice ambiance to any area or room. Our goal is to design the perfect mix of functional lighting as well as color, accent and decorative effect to give a feeling of being at a special event where your guests say…. Wow!!

LED Up Lighting allows you to choose a vast array of different colors that enables event spaces to be dramatically transformed. Up lightings is the most cost effective way to enhance your event space and can be used indoors or outdoors.


Gobo and Monogram Projections create a signature look to your event as well as a personal touch, with unlimited possibilities, making it a unique and elegant look at your event. Our custom designs will be based on your input creating the desired look for the event. We provide these images using industry standard “Source Four Ellipsoidal” lights for our projection.

Custom: Monograms/logos are a remarkable way to personalize your event by projecting custom lighting designs. Monogram projection can be used for any event including weddings corporate events and can set your event apart from others.

Pin Spots

Pin Spots are similar to a mini spot light, focusing light on desired areas around a venue. Pin Spots are ideal for enhancing table centre pieces, cake table stands, and to illuminate the finer details at your event. Centerpiece pin spot lighting will beautifully accent your table centers and illuminate your wedding flowers or other centerpieces. Please enquire about pin spot ideas that may be perfect for your next event.

Dance Lights

Moon flowers, rotating beams, laser dots and/or animation dance floor lighting is the perfect way to put the “WOW factor” in any event, party or celebration!  Whether used alone or accompanied by any other type of event lighting, dance lights add the finishing toush to your event. Dance the night away with dance floor lighting of many different color schemes, in a myriad of spectacular patterns, or static theme color(s), all set up to your specifications. Dance lights can also be programmed to go sync to the music. The vibrant colors and movement will stun any guest as soon as they see the dance area.

String/Bistro Lights

String Lighting, Market Lighting and Bistro Lighting can be used as a guided pathway for guests or to cover entire venues and create an intimate and ambient setting. There are a number of patterns to choose from including zig zagging patterns between poles, fanning the string lights outward from one center post, or in any custom setup. We can also provide the custom posts to string our lights, just ask us about all our options!

The staff of Entertainment Services have been in the entertainment business for over 20 years working with  various  groups, Grammy Winning artists, 5 star Venues producing the best product  possible. We are reliable, courteous professional who aim to meet the expectations of each event.    Our goal is to provide the best event possible while you enjoy your special moment all at a reasonable  price.  By remaining committed, responsive, and flexible, to keep you on time and within budget.

We are your one stop shop for  large or small events, parties, meeting, Weddings, sporting events, Award shows. We offer a full range of  service from a complete event production, delivery, set-up, and Operation  to simple rentals and everything in between.

No matter the size of your event, parties, family get together, meeting, or reunion, Etc… we deliver the best at a competitive price. We thrive on the opportunity for us to make your event successful and enjoyable for you and your guest so give us a call for your upcoming event. 

Event Planning:

With our years of experience we can help you layout and plan the perfect event. Helping to determine location, activities, and Vendor selection/services we leverage our experience and knowledge to make your event a success. Identifying key tasks/milestones, and providing vendor management we ensure your event stays on track and within budget. We can also provide many of the needed services needed which will minimize coordination and miscommunication issues. Please call to allow you to experience the best event possible.


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