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Special Event Lighting

We specialize in making your event memorable by creating a lighting effect that enhances the mood you are trying to achieve with your special occasion

The staff of Entertainment Services have been in the entertainment business for over 20 years working with  various  groups, Grammy Winning artists, 5 star Venues producing the best product  possible. We are reliable, courteous professional who aim to meet the expectations of each event.    Our goal is to provide the best event possible while you enjoy your special moment all at a reasonable  price.  By remaining committed, responsive, and flexible, to keep you on time and within budget.

We are your one stop shop for  large or small events, parties, meeting, Weddings, sporting events, Award shows. We offer a full range of  service from a complete event production, delivery, set-up, and Operation  to simple rentals and everything in between.

No matter the size of your event, parties, family get together, meeting, or reunion, Etc… we deliver the best at a competitive price. We thrive on the opportunity for us to make your event successful and enjoyable for you and your guest so give us a call for your upcoming event. 

Event Planning:

With our years of experience we can help you layout and plan the perfect event. Helping to determine location, activities, and Vendor selection/services we leverage our experience and knowledge to make your event a success. Identifying key tasks/milestones, and providing vendor management we ensure your event stays on track and within budget. We can also provide many of the needed services needed which will minimize coordination and miscommunication issues. Please call to allow you to experience the best event possible.


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Entertainment Services has an inventory of products to rent for the DIY people/team. Take a look at our rental list to see what is available from lighting Audio, and more to fulfill you’re your need. Give us a call. We can also deliver products for rent as well.     


Rental Policy:

  • Rental Requirements: Advance equipment booking recommended to guarantee availability, copy of the customer’s driver’s license, and credit card on file.
  • Equipment Pick Up/Return: Customer responsible for equipment pick up and return, unless arrangements have been made with ES for equipment delivery. Fee for equipment delivery based on mileage/time.
  • Rental Rate: ES charges daily rental. Equipment is picked between 10am and 5:00 p.m. If picked up prior to 10:00 a.m., the current day is considered part of the rental. On the date of return, the equipment is expected back to ES within a 24hrs of rental pick up time, otherwise there may be an additional day charge.
  • Insurance: An insurance certificate is required for all lighting and sound equipment rentals. Most customers provide their own insurance certificate, with ES as the certificate holder. The insurance needs to be high enough to cover the value of the equipment replacement. Rental may also provide a deposit to cover the value of rented equipment.
  • Customer Insurance: If customers provide an insurance certificate, the customer is responsible for the deductible amount in the event of a loss.
  • Possible Loss: In the event of a loss, customers will be required to pay the deductible (first $500) amount at the end of rental period. The insurance company and renter will be notified of the replacement cost of the equipment, and the insurance company or renter will pay ES for the loss directly.
  • Expendables: Expendables provided for a rental job will be charged based on estimated usage